2018: Will your forage make the cut? It’s not too late to winterize.

Energize your plants and build their roots with Monty’s Liquid Carbon and Hay-Now this fall – for better forage next spring.

It may look like resting pasture in November. But even as frosts start and growth stops, next year’s prize pasture and forage has a whole lot working underground, in the soil.

Agronomists at Monty’s say great 2018 hay and forage starts now, with a fall application of Monty’s Liquid Carbon (MLC) and Hay-Now – Monty’s foliar-applied, synergistic plant and soil combination.
Joe Dedman, Monty’s Vice President of Agronomy, says: “In the spring, you see lush growth and leaves – that’s the root system releasing its stored nutrients into the growth. With multiple cuttings, plants get spindly, grow more slowly, and the nutrient quality isn’t as good after each cutting. That’s when you see fewer cuttings or cattle eating pasture down faster than it will grow. Grass is resting during the winter months, but you’re still dealing with challenges of keeping the root system.

“When you winterize with MLC and Hay-Now, you’re contributing to soil health by revving up the soil biology as the plant goes into dormancy. MLC also speeds residue break down, improves moisture management, resolves compaction from weather or heavy grazing traffic, and enhances micronutrient uptake.
In the spring, the soil is now getting more oxygen and the plant is getting more nutrients. Your fields will grow longer, grow back faster, and you may get more cuttings.”

Specially formulated for hay and forage, Hay-Now is a foliar-applied, tank-mix fertilizer fortified with NPK, sulfur, zinc, and iron. When diluted in water, Hay-Now is safe to apply on pastures being actively grazed. Farmers who have used Hay-Now after each cutting have reported as many as 5 cuttings in one hay season, even in mild-drought conditions.
Kenny Brown, Southern States store manager adds: “It was so dry in our fescue and rye field, we couldn’t get the soil sample probe into the ground. We applied Hay-Now and MLC together. Then 3-1/2 weeks later (still no rain), we could now easily push the probe into the ground! What else can it be!? We are now applying both on all 200 acres!”

Monty’s Representative Bernie Lickteig sees it this way: “To get and keep a heavy stand of grass or hay, you’ve got to have a good annual management program. Winterizing your hay and pasture fields this fall will provide season-long benefits – it is as easy as 2 quarts of Hay-Now and 1 quart of MLC.”
“Our customers have seen better quality forage with higher protein values. The Hay-Now program produces more tonnage and higher quality forage than fields without the Monty’s program. All of which contribute to a great return on investment to winterize this fall,” says Chris Weaver, Agronomist with The Mill in Maryland.

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