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K28 Liquid Potash

Monty’s K28 Liquid Potash is a supplement for potassium deficient plants. Monty’s nearly pH balanced formula can be applied 2×2 at planting and safely added to nitrogen solutions – as well as most herbicides and fungicides for foliar application.

  • Essential in photosynthesis
  • Involved in regulating the opening and closing of leaf stomata
  • Regulates Carbon Dioxide uptake
  • Involved in the regulation of water in plants
  • Component of the plant’s protein and starch synthesis
  • Important in the activation of many growth related enzymes in plants
Available in 2.5, 30, 275 gallon – and bulk sizes. Please check with your dealer for availability and application rates.

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Soluble Potash (K20)…… 28%
Derived from Potassium Carbonate
CORN: Early vegetative stage – 1-2 quarts per acre
COTTON: 1 quart per acre with any application from bloom through boll set. May be applied 3-5 times per season
SOYBEANS: 3rd to 4th trifoliate – 1 quart per acre; Early Pod set – 1 quart per acre
WHEAT: Apply 1-2 quarts/acre prior to heading. Mix in a minimum 10 gallons of water per acre
when applying.
High yielding crop producers do not
wait to see potash deficiencies
in their crop. They use the Monty’s K28
as a proactive approach to maintaining
the highest yields from start to finish.
Dennis Stephens, Monty's President

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