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Monty’s Liquid Carbon

The key to maximizing your soil.

A soil conditioner designed to reduce soil compaction and improve overall soil health, it can be easily applied all year round, especially during pre-chemical application or burn down. Liquid Carbon enhances micronutrient uptake and breakdown of plant residue. Improve the health and vitality of your soil and maximize your yields with Monty’s Liquid Carbon (MLC).

  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Improves overall soil health
  • Easy application during burn down
  • Enhances micronutrient uptake
  • Enhances breakdown of plant residue
  • Tank-mix flexibility for year-round use
Available in 2.5, 30, 275 gallon – and bulk sizes. Please check with your dealer for availability and application rates.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


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Soil Amending Ingredients:
Organic Carbon………………………………………….1%
Humic Acid……………………………………………….2%
Derived from Brown Coal

Monty’s Liquid Carbon is a registered trademark of Monty’s Plant Food Company.

Apply at varying rates depending on purpose or desired result. For general soil conditioning, apply 2 quarts per acre directly to soil in fall and early spring. May also be applied at the same rate at pre-plant, planting, or for Residue Management. Apply 1 quart per acre when foliar applying with liquid nitrogen or other fertility products. For crop specific application information, see crop section of the catalog.
The thing I have seen with Monty’s products that I like a lot is reducing wheat burn. We do a lot of top dressing in wheat in North Carolina with liquid products like 30% UAN. Often times when it’s heating up, that wheat is growing rapidly and is very susceptible to leaf burn. I like to put in a quart of Monty’s Liquid Carbon to an acre and it improves that plant’s growth and resists that leaf burn that we so often see with UAN.
Dr. Ron Heiniger, North Carolina State University Department of Crop Science
“I am sold on the Liquid Carbon product – it works very well. I noticed a difference in the tilth of the soil. It helps when no-till planting. The larger root system helps get the most out of the fertilizer I applied.”
Deweey Gilliam, Farmer
> Monty’s on Tobacco < “Using Monty’s has gained us about 200-300 pounds per acre; last season my son used it and raised 3,400 pounds and the plot right next to it only raised 2,900 without Monty’s.”
Andy Newton, Farmer

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