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Give your herbicide a boost! Nanoboost assists herbicides by using the advanced science of nanotechnology to bind with herbicides and deliver them into the plant for a rapid, effective kill of troublesome weeds. Please check with your dealer for availability

  • Maximized effectiveness for your current herbicide program
  • Low application rates for cost-effective use
  • Better absorption performance
  • Ideal complement for both burn-down and post-applied herbicides
  • Beneficial when dealing with hard to control weeds such as marestail

  • Tank-mix flexible- can be applied with most crop protection applications

Available in 2.5, 30 and 275 gallon. Please check with your dealer for availability and application rates.

Active Ingredients:
Proprietary blend of elemental compounds and derivatives………………..8%
Linear Ethoxylated Compound……………………………………….1.5%

Nanoboost is tank-mix flexible and can be used with most herbicides once compatibility is confirmed with a jar test. For burn-down and post- applications use 3-5 ounces per acre. For hard to control weeds, use a minimum of 4 ounces per acre.
I have used Nanoboost when spraying for Round-Up Resistant marestail. The performance that I have seen shows that it works better than where it wasn’tused. I would not spray soybeans that had Round-Up Resistant marestail without using Nanoboost.
Mike Roberts, Farmer
> Nanoboost on weeds
“We’re in the middle of glyphosate-resistant marestail country and resistant giant ragweeds, common ragweeds, pigweeds and others are rapidly becoming just as prevalent. We introduced our farmers to Monty’s Nanoboost a few years ago as an aid in trying to get better control of marestail during post-emergent applications of glyphosate.
We’ve used 2 ounces per acre as our standard rate to try to get more herbicide into the weeds, especially the weeds of known-resistance and the weeds that are larger than the label guidelines call for.

Last year, we sold enough to cover over 18,000 post-applied acres and most everyone that used it is still using it. This is the first year we’ve sold much for burn-down applications and we’ve already sold enough to cover over 7,000 acres. It’s not a “silver bullet”, but we do see quicker results from the herbicide applications and have noticed a “deader dead”, if that’s appropriate terminology, where we’ve used it versus where we haven’t.

We’ve applied a good margin to this product. Farmer’s are not prone to continue to use a product at any cost if they’re not seeing results. I’m not aware of any of our farmers that have used Nanoboost that have decided not to use it again and most have told their neighbors about the product. I think that’s endorsement enough that the product works.

Paul Durham, Carrington Farm Supply of Georgetown, Ohio.

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