Project Description

Sulfur 15

A foliar fertilizer with 15% sulfur.

Not available in all states. Please inquire.

Monty’s Sulfur 15 is a 8-0-0. Sulfur activates the enzyme and hormone systems for plant growth. Sulfur 15 is easy to mix, simple to use, and readily available. Consider the advantages of adding sulfur:

  • Helps develop enzymes and vitamins in plant
  • Promotes nodulation for nitrogen fixation by legumes
  • Aids in seed production
  • Is necessary in chlorophyll formation
  • Is present in several organic compounds
  • Sulfur and Nitrogen are both constituents of proteins and are associated with chlorophyll formation
Available in 2.5, 30, 275 gallon – and bulk sizes. Please check with your dealer for availability and application rates.