Project Description

Sulfur LC

Sulfur LC is a 4-0-0 foliar fertilizer with 8%. Sulfur activates the enzyme and hormone systems for plant growth. Sulfur LC is easy to mix, simple to use, and readily available. Consider the advantages of adding sulfur with humics:

  • Sulfur LC is an 8% sulfur supplement with an analysis of 4-0-0 that can be applied in-furrow or foliar applied.

  • Sulfur LC is designed for the treatment and prevention of sulfur deficiency.

  • Sulfur LC contains Monty’s proprietary, activated humic technology which delivers the natural benefits of humic substances to the plant and soil.

  • When soil is sulfur deficient, the crop’s ability to utilize nitrogen is limited. By foliar feeding, or adding Sulfur LC to your starter mix, you are helping maximize your crop’s yield potential.

  • Tank-mix flexible and foliar applied.

Available in 2.5, 30, 275 gallon – and bulk sizes. Also available in dry format. Please check with your dealer for availability and application rates.