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It all starts with humic technology. Monty’s proprietary activated humic technology is designed to improve the overall vitality of your soil… for success you can see! Learn more about Monty’s humics here.

Monty’s performs various field tests and trials throughout the country on a variety of soils. Our experienced team of field representatives, agronomists, and Certified Crop Advisers are dedicated to your success. Learn more here.

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A Hedge against Drought: Why Healthy Soil is ‘Water in the Bank’

Through its “Unlock the Secrets in the Soil” campaign, USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service is leading the effort to get more farmers and ranchers to adopt soil health management systems for a wide range of […]

Jewell Grain Helps Farmers Improve Soils and Increase Yields with Monty’s

Several years ago, Pete Karzynow at Jewell Grain Company in Jewell, Ohio, was looking for something to supplement the company’s fertilizer program due to the high price of fertilizer.  Karzynow thought Monty’s products might be […]

My fall treated plants are 6-12” taller than my untreated fields. Anytime you are running your sprayer across your fields for any reason, add Monty’s to the mix. It is definitely worth it.
Darwin Ott, Farmer
We could tell a huge difference in the treated and untreated area of that field the first year. We repeated the test the second year and were absolutely blown away. The corn was almost twice as tall and the yield was over 50 bushels more where we applied Monty’s Carbon for just two years.
Ben Hushon, The Mill
I could tell the treated areas were not only getting more nutrients, but that the traditional fertilizer that I had applied was breaking down better and being absorbed more by the crop. The treated beans just utilized the nutrients more efficiently.
Todd Velure, Farmer

Monty’s Blog

Minnesota Farmers Try No- Till, Cover Crops

This article from AgWeb talks about how Minnesota famers are trying no-till, cover crops. It’s a real departure from what many growers are used to, but having seen crops being planted year after year with […]

Should I Replant? Corn Yields Clues

Check out this article from AgWeb about what clues you should look for when deciding whether to replant corn.

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Check out Monty’s on RFD-TV !

Monty’s was once again on RFD-TV Rural America Live — February 9, 2015. Monty’s Vice President of Agronomy Joe Dedman was Joined by Jim Stetson and Chris Brown from Ag View FS in Illinois and Reggie Baker, a grower from North Carolina. They discussed what growers can do this season to get higher yields – even when commodity prices are low. In addition, they discussed soil health and the successes they are seeing in the field with the entire line of Monty’s products – including Monty’s Liquid Carbon.

Higher yields for the coming season begin with Monty’s Liquid Carbon

Now is the time to think about the health of your soil! Monty’s Liquid Carbon applies proprietary, activated humic technology to improve the health of your soil for maximum yield and season-long benefit to your crops. Prepare your soils now… for Success You Can See!